Best Year Ever

BYE cover photoThe Best Year Ever Workbook

Activating your ambitions and achieving your goals requires clarity of thought, careful planning, and confidence in your implementation.

As successful artists ourselves, we know getting to that point can be tough.

That’s why we’ve developed this workbook & planner.

Filled with over 80 pages of prompts, worksheets and exercises to help both the established artist and the emerging creative visualize the future they really want, empower themselves with the skills and knowledge they need, and take concrete steps towards their own artistic success.

To be successful you need to develop an solid online identity, learn how to market yourself well, and continually network to build your database of contacts.

If you want to really shine and actually start making good money from your work, you have to start thinking a little more strategically.

The Best Year Ever Workbook & Planner will motivate and inspire you to:

  1. Gain more quality connections, grow your database, and create targeted leads that become your future collectors.
  1. Sell more work and be taken seriously as a credible artist by everyone in your life, not just the art community.
  1. Stand out in the crowd and get known, not only for your talent, but your professionalism and business acumen
  1. Stay in front of your audience by building and maintaining lasting relationships with curators, gallerists, collectors and interested parties alike

Maybe you feel it’s a little too early to have ‘made it’ and if you’ve only just graduated that may well be true.

But here’s how it’ll likely go if you don’t start treating your passion like your business now:

  • Within two years of leaving art school, you along with 90% of graduates will no longer be making work.
  • By the time you’re 30, most people of the people you studied with who once aspired to be artists won’t have stepped foot in a studio for years.
  • 10 years after you graduated you, along with the majority of your classmates will be working in a completely different fields altogether.

Scary right?

This is what happens to even the most talented artists, and usually because they fail to think about their goals strategically, invest time in cultivating the right mindset, or develop their business acumen to compliment their artistic abilities.

Without an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re just another artist lost in the crowd – don’t let that be you.

The Best Year Ever Workbook & Planner provides insider insights, how-to guides and templates to help you visualize, verbalize, plan, and execute your plan and create you Best Year Ever.

This easy and fun-to-read guide will change the way you think about the future you want for yourself, and help you to break your big goals down into the smaller actions you can take every day.

This is your chance to chart your course and plan out your Best Year Ever.

You can start the workbook at anytime in the year; when the New Year starts, when the academic calendar begins, or when you finally decide to hunker down and actually make your art career happen.

Purchase your downloadable copy below and start using it right away, (or click here and have a printed copy sent to you).