5 Ways to Build Your Resume


In my studio, I have a sign that reads, “Failure is not the enemy. Boredom is.”

It helps me to remember to keep applying for new opportunities and to keep putting myself and my work out there. Even when it means I get told no. Because I have an end goal in mind, and that is to:

1.) Have as much fun and love in my life as I can stand


2.) Make the most of my precious years here by creating what I really want to see in the world, which consists of my many projects.

So getting bigger opportunities is all about having a great application materials, which at some point, means I need to work on my resume. Not just the formatting, but the content.

Let’s face it. Building an artist resume that you are proud of takes a lot of time. Juggling a paying job with an art practice is hard enough, but trying to get your artist resume to show the mileage and the years is a job unto itself.

But I’ve found that being strategic about it can save you tons of time in the short term, and many sad years in the long run, so you don’t look back and feel like you just “fell off the horse” at some point, and didn’t really accomplish what you wanted to.

Want to know five ways to build your resume? We’ve put together a simple guide.

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  1. Barry Ruttenberg
    August 7, 2015

    Having my first exhibit tonight ! Looking to create a following and build a clientele. I need some direction here.

  2. Emiky
    August 7, 2015

    Keep showing up and finding inspiration everywhere you can…
    Thanks for helpful info-look forward to more!


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