And Then our Director Went on a Rant

I don’t think making a living as an artist has to be a mystery. I just don’t.

This may be a just a bit of a rant, but… It doesn’t have to be a mystery. This is my 15th year that I have dedicated myself to being an artist and I want to inspire you never give up either.

My first book for artists came out a few months ago, and I want share with you the process and way of thinking that I have used for success as a contemporary artist.

We are so lucky to be alive in this age of information and platforms to share our experiences. I swear, it’s like the printing press on steroids. We are living in the perfect time to leverage so many good things that are happening, and as makers, this has set us up for success as the contributors that we are to the culture around us.

My personal approach is to go out and make your own luck. Look for where I don’t see myself, or any other emerging artists represented, and figure out a way to wiggle my way in there and get seen, get my work noticed, and get paid while I’m at it.

I refused to compromise and give in to a boring “creative” job or sell every last waking minute of my life and rob myself of time in the studio. This meant saying NO to a lot of opportunities that would have only put me on the wrong path – towards a mind numbing job that would inspire me to take up a long term TV addiction just to get over my work day.

Saying no to what I DIDN’T WANT meant really having to define and live by what I DID WANT. And that ain’t no easy task.

This year I’ve turned down the chance to work in arts administration, for another big non-profit, because I knew that even though I’d end up still “working in the arts” my artistic practice would be no better off for it.

It has totally been my experience that we will become far more successful – not to mention happy – if we each take a stand to be 100% dedicated to our creative practice, no matter what.

You can get on a clear path – and tailor make it for your personal, artistic goals – and stop feeling like “floundering” is the real word for it, instead of “emerging” when it comes to artists who are trying to make it.

Because I promise you, no matter what amount of money is offered, the world just does not need another true artist wasting away inside the golden handcuffs of a corporate “kinda creative job”.

…Ok, rant over.

Glad I got that off my chest…

– Monika

PS: If you want to look inside the Starry Night world of Artist Resources and Tools and see how I have worked this out, you can check it out over here: