Freebie Friday: 6 tips to make your application stick

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Welcome to our first ever Freebie Friday!

We are so excited to be sharing helpful tips and tools to help you build your art career, to give you a dose of inspiration, or help motivate you to make a change!

The first slice of wisdom cake we would like to give to you is our guide on making your best application. One of the hardest things about applying for a residency, grant, or any of type of opportunity is the first step of actually sitting down to do it.

Many times it’s fear holding us back. So, we have devised 6 tips to make your application stick and give you the confidence to get what you deserve.

Download the PDF here: Six Tips to Make Your Application Stick

This is printable strait from our online course, Artist Resources and Tools, or better known as ART School.

Print it out, hang it up, and a start applying!

If you find this helpful and you want more, check out where you can enroll in the full ART School course.

Also, if you are specifically interested in learning about creating your best portfolio and application, we made a short program called Great Applications. Check it out!

What’s happening at Starry Night?

We are so glad you asked! Right now, our team is working hard to prepare for the summer session at the Starry Night Residency and greet our incoming residents for winter. We are still accepting applications, so if you want to put your applying skills into play, now is a great time.

Residencies look great on resumes, as well as give you an amazing time to focus and work on your creative practice. The deadline to apply is March 15th. You can find out more about the program, and apply here.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs and resources, please reach out to us at or or visit

We would love to hear where you are planning to apply next, so please, leave a comment below.

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