Important Update

Important update

We wanted to share an important update about the Starry Night Exposure Program in Miami this year.

As you know, 2017 has been unprecedented in the number and magnitude of hurricanes that have struck land in Florida. Due to the extensive damage that these storms have left, both in Miami and specifically in South Beach (where the main event of Art Basel Miami takes place), we have decided that is it not wise to continue with our plans for our annual exhibition in Miami with the Exposure Program.

It appears that the damage to the hotel and gallery venues will force many places to be shut that would have normally been open. Inevitably, this will impact the reach and attendance, as well as diminish the number of collectors and buyers that will see your work. In short, we think Miami will be a ghost town this year relative to previous years.

Because of this, we have made the choice to focus our energies on Frieze Week in New York this Spring 2018. We have participated with the Exposure Gallery in Frieze Week NYC and always found it to be just as good, if not better, in terms of launching the careers of our artists. Not to mention that with this extended time to prepare, we will be in an even better position to make the Exposure Program the best it can be.

We feel that this move to Frieze Week New York is the best decision for making sales, connections, having the full fair attendance, and even ease of accommodations. All these factors will have definitely taken a hit in Miami, from this hurricane season. Anyone who is not going to Miami this year is going to the next big event, which is in New York, the art capital of the world.

Why are we so confident? Because we have done Exposure New York in years past, and it has always been a great success. We have had sales of our emerging artists go to collectors at the Guggenheim, as well as other major art dealers in New York City. And if you chose to attend the exhibition, you never know just who you will meet, but New York sure does make it easy to do so.

Check out our blog post from our last Exposure NYC, to get a look at the festivities. As you can see, it was really a blast.

If you are interested in joining us for Exposure NYC, feel free to apply.


Monika, Skylar, and the Starry Night Exposure Team

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