Plan Out Your Best Year


I usually have two speeds of operation.  One is sit on my hands and design the thing, think about every angel, every aspect of what I want to make.  The other one is run like hell at it and make the plan a reality.  So when I’m really quiet, or seemingly inactive, it’s just that I’m in the design phase.

That goes for art projects as much as it does for any kind of project or ambition that I have.

It must come as no surprise that the best years I have had are ones when I maximize on that tendency, and plan out all of the things I really want for the coming year, ahead of time, and then plan out when and how I’m going to go out and try to get them.

But planning for the future can seem daunting and tedious, so we’ve put together a simple video that covers a simple strategy for making the most of your next 12 months, and look back on them with a real sense of accomplishment.

This video is a part of Starry Nights’ What Artists Need to Succeed series, in it we talk about the simple steps you need to take to go beyond wishing and hoping, and start planning to make the next twelve months your best year ever as an artist.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s vitally important to have a specific plan to achieve bigger and bigger goals
  • A simple process for getting clear on what you want to achieve and how to set that as your north star
  • How to reverse engineer for success, breaking your goals down into manageable chunks, and tracking your progress along the way

Have Your Best Year Ever. from Starry Night Programs on Vimeo.


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