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Deadline Extension for Frieze Week NYC

We’ve extended our Exposure application deadline to come to New York during Frieze week to April 10th at Midnight The Exposure program has partnered with SELECT Fair to curate our fifth exhibition and we are excited to return to New York May 13th – 17th. We invite all to join us and encourage visual artists to apply! Will you be […]

The Birth of ART School

After spending years working with artists in our Residency and Exposure programs, we continually saw the same questions and stumbling blocks popping up for artists. No matter if they were basking in the desert sun and making work in our quiet hot springs town of Truth or Consequences, or exhibiting their work at a bustling, international art fair like Art […]

How to Create a Great Application

We posted this a little while back, but it bears repeating. Our How to Create A Great Application video is already helping a lot of the artists who are currently in our programs, and we want to make sure you see it too, so we can help you get to where you want to go.  But first, a little back […]

March On!

We’re giving you a free video! This is straight from our ART School program, and this free video is an example of the invaluable resources and tools we have for you. Our newest program, ART School, is so exciting, we can’t wait to share it with you! We’ve taken all of your feedback, combined it with our knowledge and experience, […]

What’s Nuevo at the Residency?

With all the excitement around our upcoming Exposure programs and ART School, it’s really nice to enjoy the peaceful and productive environment on the grounds of Starry Night. Things really come full circle when you put together a show, such as our Exposure program, and the residency is at the heart of it all. This is where our programs all […]

“Friezing” February!

Frieze week in New York is only a few months away, which means that the deadline for Exposure NYC is also coming up fast.  March 15th to be exact. And, why should you care? This is a huge opportunity for emerging visual artists. To Learn More, Click Here:   Here are some reasons to apply for Exposure NYC: Receive end to […]

Learn How to Fund Your Next Big Project: And Help Others Fund Theirs

Make the most of your passion to relate and grow by connecting with like minded people? There’s always room for change and there’s always room for growth.     So, here are a couple of websites that provide an innovative portal for people looking to expand their ideas by either connecting with like-minded people or by getting their ideas out […]

Best Year Ever Workbook

Do you want to really shine as an artist in 2015? Do you have big dreams and goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year? Stay on track and get where you want to be with our Best Year Ever workbook and planner. Have you been making great work all year long but haven’t had a big show of it yet? Have you […]

A Little Motivation From History’s Greatest Artists

Once we have our mind set, it’s only natural to want it right there and then. But we must be patient in our hard work towards our dreams. Think of your art career as a marathon, not a sprint!   Yoko Ono’s was published in a compilation of letters from various artists to young artists. Her letter was published amongst […]

96 Emerging Artists To Look Out For

We hunted for the best emerging artists the world has to offer, and…we found them! Starry Night Programs recently put the word out to find the best emerging artists around. The response we got was overwhelming, and with great difficulty, we narrowed it down to 96 artists! We believe that each of these artists exemplifies immense talent, and that they […]