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Zoom In::Select Fair

With all the creative madness going on, here are some updates of the what-abouts from the Select Fair NY!

A Pool of Perspectives II

In continuation with the previous blog, here are more perspective pieces of our exposure artists: 8. Anastas Konstantinov The unexpected resemblance of Picasso’s distorted faces, mixed with Salvador Dali’s elephants is what gives this piece its personality. Abstract as it is, it’s a style that one can’t just walk past without turning his/her head! 9. Marjan Moghaddam Adding to the pool of […]

A Pool of Perspectives I

One of the reliable constants in life is change. Along with our body, our connectivity, our surroundings & our perceptions of the past- the present and the future- are changing. You may go to bed thinking one thing, and may wake up on the complete opposite side of that self-conversation. This gets me wondering, if an artist finishes a piece […]

Frieze Art Fair: the City of Dreams

“Frieze descends on New York and makes the city not just the center of the global art world, but its entire circumference.” Here’s a little clip to help you envision what’s to come:   Ever accidentally walk into a spider web and let out an involuntary shriek? Well, here’s an opportunity for you to voluntarily walk into an artist web […]

Unveiling our NYC Exposure Artists!

May we request a silent drumroll for the following artists who have been accepted to showcase their inspirational works during the Frieze Art Fair– New York please!? Below you’ll find a mini collaboration of the artist bios, statements, self portraits and a sneak peak to their pieces being exhibited during the fair!   Nattha Aungkasit  Born in Bangkok, Thailand. Works exhibited at:  BFA […]

The Roots & Wings of our Starry Night Exposure Program

Here’s a little video to shine some light on the efforts of the Executive Director of Starry Night Exposure Program, Monika Proffitt. Paving a New Path: The Starry Night Exposure Program from Starry Night Programs on Vimeo.   She speaks about one of her curious visits to Art Basel Miami, in December 2012, and wonders, “Why I didn’t see myself […]

FAQs::Starry Night Exposure NYC

Before stepping into any water pool, it’s only natural to dip a toe in to check what you’re getting yourself into! Scratching that curiosity pinch is always encouraged throughout the experiences provided in our programs! So, here are some FAQs that we’ve answered for you about the Exposure NYC Program: How much does it cost to participate? First things first right? […]

The Art of Awe: Frieze New York

Art fairs… Why bother? On the surface, art fairs are places where people can go to look at art and to buy art. Sounds boring, but really, they are so much more than that. Art fairs are places where artists can present their work to large audiences in order to gain exposure and sell their work. They’re places where people […]

Why walk the plank of imitation when you can rebel?

Some people say that all ideas are a collaboration of imitations of things that you’ve already heard or seen before. So, in a way, no idea is “original.” But, I think that’s the beauty of it all; when you create something new you gain the ability to leave a mark on someone’s life. On the other hand, when someone else inspires you, your imaginary paths tie imaginary knots.