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3 Tips To Help You Craft Your Application

Similar to an interview, an application requires your full attention. You want to leave a room after making a strong impression; likewise, you want a viewer to look at your application and categorize it under “powerful stuff.” So here are some tips we’ve gathered together in correlation with the article How To Nail An Interview for you:  1. Dress to Impress In […]

5 Steps to Enhance Your Residency

Here are some helpful tips that you can apply to seed, water & nurture an Artist Residency: 1. Define your vision Yes, tackle the most important part first. Refine while defining your fundamentals. Your vision will act as your thesis throughout the process, so sketch it with your clarity-specs on! Think of all the possible questions anyone may have about […]

Starry Night is Now an Official AMAZON ART Gallery!

Did you hear the word on the street… Starry Night is now a gallery on Amazon Art! Yahoo! Visit our gallery storefront HERE. We’re here to give you the “what”, “why”, and “how” of this new development. And um, we’re super excited.   What: This is for you, as an artist to get your work out there, online.  It’s no new news […]

5 Tips on How Artists Can Develop Their Personal Brand

You may be wondering what this is all about. Well, it’s all about you…and branding yourself as an artist.

What Your Path to Success is Missing

What are the steps to success? Everybody knows them, they’re so simple: Goal 1 —> Goal 2 —> Goal 3 —> Success! But, how do you know which goals to make? How do you know when you’ve actually reached success? Here’s the answer: you DON’T. Unless you define it. The goals we set are investments. They are quality bits of our […]

How to Discover Your Path in Life

Different stages mold different outlooks in our lives. A situation you may have faced two or three years ago will be dressed differently now, because you’ll be greeting it differently. Your reflection in the mirror belongs to you, yet it’s not the same you as it was some time ago. Your hair, your height, and your clothes may have changed, […]

5 Tips On Progressing as an Emerging Artist

If you were to Google the definition of progress, the majority of the definitions would say it was a “forward or onward movement towards a destination.” “Onward movement” being the key words there. So, as a creative, what paths can you take to propel you forward? We believe that progress is constant, but as emerging artists, we have to be sure and take the right […]

How We Link Effort With Optimal Outcome

You’ve got a goal. You’ve got an idea. You’ve got a plan. A good plan, however, what is a good plan without its resources? As emerging artists, one of the struggles we face is to get noticed. But these days, attention comes with a price, realistically and figuratively speaking.This is where resourcing becomes key. Starry Night Exposure, is an artist […]

Would Success Taste The Same If It Were Easy?

Have you ever seen a slideshow displaying the memorable moments of someone else’s life? Have you ever wanted to be the person in those photos? I have, and I chuckled to myself. Imagine if life were just that easy… If all that we wanted was just handed to us on a gold platter and displayed neatly in a slideshow. Imagine how immensely […]

Is Making Sense Always Important?

No. There, I said it. Is making sense really always important? 100% of the time, all 365 days, 24 hours a day? Sounds a bit absurd when it’s put that way, no? So let’s just entertain the thought for now that no, it’s not all that important. Imagine if all our decisions were based off of rationality. Imagine if we never […]