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December Newsletter

Another year comes to a close and we are so excited about all the wonderful experiences and great people we have encountered this year. Last month we took time to remember all that we are thankful for, and this month we are closing a fine year with gratitude and high spirits as we welcome in 2015!   There are two […]

Find Your Inspiration in the Heart of the Desert

The desert calls to you! It beckons you to look deeper into your psyche and find yourself in its vastness! The desert that surrounds the grounds of Starry Night is enormous. The desert changes its hue with the passing of juicy thunderclouds and the movement of the sun, seemingly by the minute.   Starry Night Residency Program It’s not just […]

Our Little Oasis in the Desert: Starry Night Residency

How the desert is imagined, how it is, and how it can be at places like Starry Night… This is the surrounding area of Starry Night Residence Retreat in Truth or Consequences, there is vegetation and enough room to let your imagination open up.  Here are some perspectives of the city-scape, just outside the fence at Starry Night. Inside the gates On […]

Gratitude in November

Grateful As we head into November, we are reminded of how much we have to be grateful for. Our Artists In Residence have been humming along in the studio, making new connections, embarking on new collaborations and creating new bodies of work.  It has been a pleasure to have these wonderful artists working with us. We were even able to […]

How To Know When to Quit Working on A Piece of Art

“When is my work of art complete?”   This is perhaps the most important question for any artist, of any medium! I once started a sketch that was my best ever. Then I changed the eyes of the subject to be farther apart. Next, I changed them to be closer together. That action affected the nose and made it look […]

Nesting Your Creativity at Starry Night

Come build your nest with us at the Starry Night Residency When new residents come to Starry Night, they are given their own space in our studio. Locations and landscapes are important for everyone, sure, but each artist needs to create a sense of their own space.  A haven, an attic, a hiding place, a tree fort? Maybe that too! […]

Cooling Down at Starry Night Retreat

Enjoy a cool nights sleep, or even your own climate-controlled private work area, in your residency suite at Starry Night Artist in Residence Program! Your studio space is also air conditioned to keep the environment a productive one for all who choose to apply for our program.

Creativity is Madness!!!

You start with an unspoken idea, a blank canvas and some tools to help you shape that idea. You start with the contours or you dive right in & then you take a step back. No. Not good enough. You dive in again, and you start building a momentum, a rhythmic dance almost. Your hands must capture your thoughts just right! If you can relate to […]

3 Tips To Help You Craft Your Application

Similar to an interview, an application requires your full attention. You want to leave a room after making a strong impression; likewise, you want a viewer to look at your application and categorize it under “powerful stuff.” So here are some tips we’ve gathered together in correlation with the article How To Nail An Interview for you:  1. Dress to Impress In […]

5 Steps to Enhance Your Residency

Here are some helpful tips that you can apply to seed, water & nurture an Artist Residency: 1. Define your vision Yes, tackle the most important part first. Refine while defining your fundamentals. Your vision will act as your thesis throughout the process, so sketch it with your clarity-specs on! Think of all the possible questions anyone may have about […]