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FAQs::Starry Night Exposure NYC

Before stepping into any water pool, it’s only natural to dip a toe in to check what you’re getting yourself into! Scratching that curiosity pinch is always encouraged throughout the experiences provided in our programs! So, here are some FAQs that we’ve answered for you about the Exposure NYC Program: How much does it cost to participate? First things first right? […]

Artist Residencies

There are times when a person may want to have the best of both worlds. What those two worlds inhabit completely depends on that person’s perspective. Since this is a common tug-of-war between the multiple combinations of wants, many organizations have already started to put pieces together for us as artists! They’ve tried to give us the best of both worlds […]

Throw Back Thursday!

Only on Thursdays will we show you what Starry Night Retreat used to look like. That is, before our Executive Director, Monika Proffitt, made it into the Southwestern paradise that it is today. Monika said, “Looking at those old images gives me chills,” She spent a lot of time and put a lot of elbow grease into making Starry Night […]

Spring Cleaning to Unlock Your Creative Power

Your art studio is your creative haven- the place where the magic happens- and it should be clean and organized allowing you to flourish with creativity.

How to Choose The Right Residency For You

So, you’re thinking about doing a residency? How do you even choose between them all? How do you decide if it’s really right for you?

From One Artist to Another: Start Spring Strong

Let’s make March a great month! After all, I need something to get me through this treacherous winter (any Midwest or east coast person will know what I’m talking about). Great news for artists.  For anymore who missed our previous deadline for Exposure, do not fret.  We have extended the deadline to MARCH 15th!  Remember, we do not require an […]

Diving into a Social Business

Ever wondered how organizations are born, or what an entrepreneur’s creative process is like? Or what the difference really is between a 501(c)3 nonprofit and an company like an LLC? Don’t you need to have a bunch of money before starting a business? Don’t you need a bunch of donations to start a nonprofit? These are questions that often come […]

Recap of the College Art Association Conference

Well everyone, the CAA conference is now over.  What an amazing couple of days. While talking with all the different people who came to our booth- whether they were previously acquainted with Starry Night Retreat or met us for the first time in Chicago- a couple things became clear about our residency! 1. People love the Southwestern landscape No matter […]

Find Us at the College Art Association Conference

Hello art lovers!  The countdown is near and there are only a couple more days until the CAA Conference.  We’re excited for the event, are you? Understandably, a conference of this size can be overwhelming for first-timers.  So, here are some guides to prepare you for the conference and to help you find us once you get there! First of […]

Sunset Walk in Truth or Consequences

Hello all! I wanted to post some pictures of a sunset from Truth or Consequences- home of Starry Night Retreat- because, well, every day deserves a little beauty. Enjoy.