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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Is Starry Night a non-profit?  Is it a for profit?  What is it and why?  In the video below you’ll see how Starry Night’s founder, Monika Proffitt, created an innovative hybrid of business and not-for-profit models by taking what she had, reconfiguring what she had seen done before, and then adding her own twist. And in the age of “angel […]

The Roots & Wings of our Starry Night Exposure Program

Here’s a little video to shine some light on the efforts of the Executive Director of Starry Night Exposure Program, Monika Proffitt. Paving a New Path: The Starry Night Exposure Program from Starry Night Programs on Vimeo.   She speaks about one of her curious visits to Art Basel Miami, in December 2012, and wonders, “Why I didn’t see myself […]

Diving into a Social Business

Ever wondered how organizations are born, or what an entrepreneur’s creative process is like? Or what the difference really is between a 501(c)3 nonprofit and an company like an LLC? Don’t you need to have a bunch of money before starting a business? Don’t you need a bunch of donations to start a nonprofit? These are questions that often come […]