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Using Nature as Inspiration

In order for growth, every creature needs to be in the right habitat! So, what more can an artist ask for than a daily dose of the sunrises and sunsets in the beautiful city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? Every day is a new sky, a new splattering of nature’s paint against the atmosphere. We can’t resist taking pictures […]

New Mexico is Not Just a Desert

The option to go explore the beautiful sceneries of New Mexico is one of the cherished aspects of coming to Starry Night Retreat. Away from the city’s hustle & bustle, the whooshes from cars driving past you transform into the whooshes of the wind. The only skyscrapers are the dominating hills of the region, & the geographic views of nature provide […]

Hard Work DOES Pay Off! #TBT

Starting with a handful of resources, our founder Monika Proffitt worked hard with her team to collaborate & build the Starry Night Residency. This means that desired results are indeed possible if you’re willing to put some blood & sweat into it! Here’s to appreciating change and to shining some light on the fruits of your effort! We are proud to […]

From empty, to filled with Love #TBT

We are throwin’ back this wonderful Thursday! Change is a constant in life, & isn’t it just wonderful when it’s for the better? We started with an empty room, and now it’s filled with love.

Coin Your Own Story

Can you imagine what stories would be like if a person were to tell them without any experience? Fiction is a great form of creativity, similarly, reflections from raw experiences are a great foundation for encouraging stories. The thing about reflections, though, is that they help not only the reflector, but they share an insight with the ones who heed […]

Appreciate the Now By Looking to the Past #TBT

THROW BACK THURSDAY! Sometimes in order to appreciate the nows, you gotta’ look back at the thens. #TBTs are always a good reminder for us to take a quick walk down the memory lane! Check out this before and after of the Starry Night Retreat!

Collecting Mesquite at Starry Night Retreat

Have you ever had mesquite-smoked… well, anything? If you have, you know how delicious it is! In fact, it’s such a sought-after wood that people attempt to mimic its flavor in spices and the wood is in high demand in grocery stores! And guess what? The land surrounding Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is FULL OF MESQUITE. You better believe […]

Thursdays are for Throwbacks!

We take pride in where we stand now! It wasn’t easy, but it has definitely been worth it! Here’s a little zoom In! BEFORE:     AFTER: Lots of elbow grease, hazy years of hard work, and glowing sense of pride. Ahhhh, feels good! More information about us: Starry Night Residency Program.

FAQs::Starry Night Residency

Based in the seams of the city of Truth or Consequences in New Mexico, Starry Night Residency proves to be an ideal niche for its resident artists and their ideas. However each of these artists followed a set of guidelines to secure a place for themselves. They did this by knowing whatever there was to know about our Starry Night Residency. […]

The Roots & Wings of our Starry Night Exposure Program

Here’s a little video to shine some light on the efforts of the Executive Director of Starry Night Exposure Program, Monika Proffitt. Paving a New Path: The Starry Night Exposure Program from Starry Night Programs on Vimeo.   She speaks about one of her curious visits to Art Basel Miami, in December 2012, and wonders, “Why I didn’t see myself […]