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Artist Interview: Jess Rees Seeks Space at Starry Night Retreat (Part I)

Artists come to Starry Night Retreat for different reasons, hoping for different outcomes and searching for different experiences. Jess Rees, an artist who came to us this past fall, came looking for space. She came to spacious Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, all the way from Brooklyn, New York to find inspiration, space to create, and ways to deepen her […]

This is what small town’s phone book looks like

Just a testament to the small-town atmosphere here at Starry Night, pictured here is the latest edition of the phone book.  (Do people still use those?  Apparently here, a few folks do.)  Held in hand for scale, this little piece of literature looks more like a brochure than a phone book.  Surprisingly, the it also covers surrounding areas as far […]

Just a few days ago…

          Just a few days ago, the gardens here at Starry Night were lush, green and blooming with color. It’s amazing how quickly Mother Nature can transform this beautiful landscape…into another beautiful landscape! It is a winter wonderland here in T or C, NM and we have been blessed with pristine snow covered hills and mountaintops. […]

Elephant Butte Lake

Here are some old pics from the summer of our time out on the lake.  Ahh, the easy days of summer.                                                                


We must say, dusk to sunset is by far the best time of day around here.  That and just afterwards, when the sky turns the midnight blue that only this altitude can provide.  Ah, that majestic color that ushers in the stars as they begin to litter the sky.  The perfect end to a desert gloaming.         […]