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Midnight Tonight – Residency Application Deadline!

Tonight at midnight our winter application period will come to a close… Running out of time? We accept applications year round, but after midnight tonight the cost of admission is going to increase. We encourage you to apply tonight and look forward to reviewing your application! If you have any questions, send an email to  

Winter at the Residency

January 15th – Residency Our January 15th residency application deadline is fast approaching, and we have had a lot of interesting applicants! With a few days remaining to apply and still receive our 2014 rates, we encourage you to apply before the deadline. A few of you have asked whether or not you may continue applying past the deadline. We […]

A Little Motivation From History’s Greatest Artists

Once we have our mind set, it’s only natural to want it right there and then. But we must be patient in our hard work towards our dreams. Think of your art career as a marathon, not a sprint!   Yoko Ono’s was published in a compilation of letters from various artists to young artists. Her letter was published amongst […]

SELECT Fair Partners up to Showcase Cutting-Edge Emerging Art

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Monika Proffitt Office: (575) 894-9191 Email:   SELECT Fair Partners up to Showcase Cutting-Edge Emerging Art Miami Beach, FA December 2, 2014 — Starry Night Programs is partnering with SELECT Fair Miami, to showcase cutting edge, emerging artists at the international art fair. The Starry This program will be exhibiting the work of U.S. based […]

December Newsletter

Another year comes to a close and we are so excited about all the wonderful experiences and great people we have encountered this year. Last month we took time to remember all that we are thankful for, and this month we are closing a fine year with gratitude and high spirits as we welcome in 2015!   There are two […]

Giving Thanks!

Taking a moment to share with you some reflections of gratitude and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Mostly – We are so grateful for all of you! We are grateful for all the great times we’ve shared with residents at Starry Night this year, it has been so much fun! We are thankful for all of the exciting experiences we […]

Gratitude in November

Grateful As we head into November, we are reminded of how much we have to be grateful for. Our Artists In Residence have been humming along in the studio, making new connections, embarking on new collaborations and creating new bodies of work.  It has been a pleasure to have these wonderful artists working with us. We were even able to […]

Where Good Ideas Come From: How To Make the Most of Them

Where Ideas Come From- by Steven Johnson   Have you ever found yourself coming up with an idea and having deja vu about it? The little hunch of a feeling that makes your authentic idea seem like an echo of something that you haven’t seen/ heard before, but may have thought of? Yes, that’s one of those epiphany-oriented moments that makes […]

Get The Most Out Of Life After Graduation: A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, You’re about to graduate and you look around as if you were pinned to one place and the whole world started to dance around you. It’s bit like the times when you were a little kid in kindergarden and everyone made you feel special on your birthday by singing around you. But now it’s different. You may […]

This Is What Life Is All About

Do you know who Miranda July is? It’s cool, I didn’t either until I heard about how she refused to answer any questions about the meaning of her work. Why does she do what she does? What is the point of it? How does she aim to make a difference from her work? Who is she trying to be? Well, […]