Giving Back

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Giving back is core to our principles at Starry Night. As a mission driven Social Business, we are dedicated to giving back a portion of our revenue to support the fortification of our collective culture and help support emerging artists as well as other projects in the community at large.

Over the past several years we have served hundreds of artists and grown into a multi-program organization, and become more compelled than ever to continue to find ways of contributing – and that’s why we’ve formalized our giving strategy.




Every one of our Programs has a Giving Strategy

Every Starry Night Program is paired to a non-profit initiative that is currently giving back to the arts community, and beyond.


Starry Night has awarded over $50,000 in financial aid to artists in our Residency Program. To date, we have helped hundreds artists, writers, curators and researchers travel to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and fully immerse themselves in their new work and the Land of Enchantment.


We donate all of our proceeds from the sale of artwork at the international art fairs that we attend. These funds are donated to the EMDR Institute, a charitable organization that helps millions of people every year to get the treatment they need for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Artist Resources & Tools

For every student that enrolls in ART School, we give away a license to an emerging artist from a marginalized community with the help of the New York Art Students League.

Beyond Giving Money

Everyone who works at Starry Night is encouraged and compensated for their volunteer time in the community at the organization of their choice.  Currently, Starry Night Programs’ Director, Monika Proffitt, serves on the YLC Committee for Boystown, a non-profit organization that is near and dear to her heart that helps young boys and girls, aged 12 to 18 who are out on their own.

Everyone can make a difference.

Starry Night’s founder, Monika Proffitt, created Starry Night as an innovative hybrid of business and not-for-profit models. By taking the limited resources she had, re-configuring what she saw in other organizations, and then adding her own twist, she has built Starry Night to be what she calls an Arts Related Social Business. In the presentation below, Monika talks about the humble beginnings of Starry Night Programs and the organization’s revolutionary Social Business model.

Because philanthropy isn’t only for the rich. Everyone can find a way to give.


Monika-ProffittMonika- a working artist herself- gave the presentation above at the Alliance of Artist Communities annual conference in October of 2013. It explains how her experiences and passions led her to start Starry Night Programs.

If you’re dreaming of a way to give back while sustaining your own art practice, Monika’s insightful considerations, the story of her process, and the resulting innovative model behind Starry Night Programs is an invaluable example.

And if you’re just curious about what’s behind the scenes around here, this will help explain how the Little Residency that Could came to be.

Maybe you’ll even find some new ways that you can take what you’ve got and execute on your own personal mission, to create more of what you want to see in the world.