How to Break Free of “Creators Block” with a Residency

Ever get writers block? Creators block?

We have inspiration!

Starry Night Residency Program has a lot to offer those who seek a unique experience to encourage their creativity.



The quiet days in the desert can offer a tremendous relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can provide you with time to reflect on your surroundings. In Southern New Mexico, we are surrounded by immense views of both sky and land.

town through cacti 1 v 1

 Visualize Yourself

The warm breeze gently nestles in the branches of a desert willow, the only visible movements on the desert scene. The clean and refreshing scent of Creosote when the rains come, will invoke thought and stimulate your senses. Other artists in residence meet on the covered patio in late afternoon and discuss the day’s discoveries and inspirations. After a full day, you retreat to your room for more solitude or slip over to the studio and pour over your latest work.


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