Starry Night “Cartists” in Residence?

 The visual art genre contains such a broad spectrum of creations, not limited to the elusive Art Car.

Most car artists have no formal training, but trained artists do work within the medium, also known as “Cartists.” I don’t consider myself a Cartist, but each time I see one cruisin’ through town my motivation seems to increase. Art cars got their start in the 1960’s by the compounding of Hippie VW’s and lowriders.

The famous Mondrian Mobile created by Cartist Emily Duffy is a well recognized piece:


An all volunteer and artist-run event, Art Car Fest is a festival that moves all around the country to display the works of their hundreds of participants. Read more about Art Car Fest here


A private museum, The ArtCar Museum, is a collection of contemporary art in Houston, Texas. Nicknamed the “Garage Mahal” it opened in February, 1988. Fine arts, art cars, and artists that are rarely seen in other cultural environments are the museum’s emphasis, in addition to elevating awareness of economic, political, and personal aspects of art.  Learn more about this museum and check out some of their awesome photographs here!

The Starry Night Artist in Residence Program has never had a Cartist before.

I challenge you to beat me being the first one!  

Apply for the Artist in Residency program and check out our other programs for artists here.

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After looking through some of the pictures in the sites I’ve mentioned, I think my first Art Car will have to include wings and a tail….and maybe a unicorn for a hood ornament.

131777853044AXWWWhat would yours be?

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