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Finding Inspiration in the Desert: Gem Hunting

Nothing inspires like the beauty of our natural world. One of the most exciting ways to interact with nature in New Mexico is to try your hand at rock hounding for the many precious gems and minerals found throughout the desert.  We’ve been lucky enough to go on many such excursions, including bringing along a few Starry Night residents to […]

How to Break Free of “Creators Block” with a Residency

Ever get writers block? Creators block? We have inspiration! Starry Night Residency Program has a lot to offer those who seek a unique experience to encourage their creativity.  Reflection The quiet days in the desert can offer a tremendous relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can provide you with time to reflect on your surroundings. In […]

Giving Thanks!

Taking a moment to share with you some reflections of gratitude and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Mostly – We are so grateful for all of you! We are grateful for all the great times we’ve shared with residents at Starry Night this year, it has been so much fun! We are thankful for all of the exciting experiences we […]

Find Your Inspiration in the Heart of the Desert

The desert calls to you! It beckons you to look deeper into your psyche and find yourself in its vastness! The desert that surrounds the grounds of Starry Night is enormous. The desert changes its hue with the passing of juicy thunderclouds and the movement of the sun, seemingly by the minute.   Starry Night Residency Program It’s not just […]

How To Know When to Quit Working on A Piece of Art

“When is my work of art complete?”   This is perhaps the most important question for any artist, of any medium! I once started a sketch that was my best ever. Then I changed the eyes of the subject to be farther apart. Next, I changed them to be closer together. That action affected the nose and made it look […]

How I Paved a New Path (episode 5)

This is part one of a five-part series I’m writing about how I went from emerging artist and Director of a Residency Program, to hosting exhibitions at large art fairs like Art Basel Miami and Frieze New York. Sounds like a success story, but the sea wasn’t always smooth-sailing. Want to get them all delivered to your inbox? Sign up at […]

This Is What Life Is All About

Do you know who Miranda July is? It’s cool, I didn’t either until I heard about how she refused to answer any questions about the meaning of her work. Why does she do what she does? What is the point of it? How does she aim to make a difference from her work? Who is she trying to be? Well, […]

Creativity is Madness!!!

You start with an unspoken idea, a blank canvas and some tools to help you shape that idea. You start with the contours or you dive right in & then you take a step back. No. Not good enough. You dive in again, and you start building a momentum, a rhythmic dance almost. Your hands must capture your thoughts just right! If you can relate to […]

How To Become the Best You Can Be

When we speak of childhood memories, people tend to think of a bunch of crayons, doodled walls and scribbled papers.  Ah, he/she’ll grow up to be an artist, they say. But what if that wasn’t the beginning? What if we were never presented with the concept of a crayon, or color. What if a child was never told what a circle […]

3 Tips To Help You Craft Your Application

Similar to an interview, an application requires your full attention. You want to leave a room after making a strong impression; likewise, you want a viewer to look at your application and categorize it under “powerful stuff.” So here are some tips we’ve gathered together in correlation with the article How To Nail An Interview for you:  1. Dress to Impress In […]