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Is Making Sense Always Important?

No. There, I said it. Is making sense really always important? 100% of the time, all 365 days, 24 hours a day? Sounds a bit absurd when it’s put that way, no? So let’s just entertain the thought for now that no, it’s not all that important. Imagine if all our decisions were based off of rationality. Imagine if we never […]

The Surprising Way to Foster More Creativity in Your Life

Being a “yes” person has it’s perks, but having a different perspective may actually create more time for your ideas to bloom.

Thursdays are for Throwbacks!

We take pride in where we stand now! It wasn’t easy, but it has definitely been worth it! Here’s a little zoom In! BEFORE:     AFTER: Lots of elbow grease, hazy years of hard work, and glowing sense of pride. Ahhhh, feels good! More information about us: Starry Night Residency Program.

The Art of Awe: Frieze New York

Art fairs… Why bother? On the surface, art fairs are places where people can go to look at art and to buy art. Sounds boring, but really, they are so much more than that. Art fairs are places where artists can present their work to large audiences in order to gain exposure and sell their work. They’re places where people […]

Spring Cleaning to Unlock Your Creative Power

Your art studio is your creative haven- the place where the magic happens- and it should be clean and organized allowing you to flourish with creativity.

“Ma! I want to go to that Art Fair!”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” yes, that’s true, and so is inspiration. Some people can pick up a pencil and glance at a blank sheet of paper, and the emptiness of the paper does it for them. Some, on the other hand, find the recipe to theirs by going to galleries- and more exciting of all, art fairs.

From One Artist to Another: Start Spring Strong

Let’s make March a great month! After all, I need something to get me through this treacherous winter (any Midwest or east coast person will know what I’m talking about). Great news for artists.  For anymore who missed our previous deadline for Exposure, do not fret.  We have extended the deadline to MARCH 15th!  Remember, we do not require an […]

Artist Interview: Jess Rees Seeks Space at Starry Night Retreat (Part I)

Artists come to Starry Night Retreat for different reasons, hoping for different outcomes and searching for different experiences. Jess Rees, an artist who came to us this past fall, came looking for space. She came to spacious Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, all the way from Brooklyn, New York to find inspiration, space to create, and ways to deepen her […]