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How to Break Free of “Creators Block” with a Residency

Ever get writers block? Creators block? We have inspiration! Starry Night Residency Program has a lot to offer those who seek a unique experience to encourage their creativity.  Reflection The quiet days in the desert can offer a tremendous relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can provide you with time to reflect on your surroundings. In […]

Find Your Inspiration in the Heart of the Desert

The desert calls to you! It beckons you to look deeper into your psyche and find yourself in its vastness! The desert that surrounds the grounds of Starry Night is enormous. The desert changes its hue with the passing of juicy thunderclouds and the movement of the sun, seemingly by the minute.   Starry Night Residency Program It’s not just […]

Using Nature as Inspiration

In order for growth, every creature needs to be in the right habitat! So, what more can an artist ask for than a daily dose of the sunrises and sunsets in the beautiful city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? Every day is a new sky, a new splattering of nature’s paint against the atmosphere. We can’t resist taking pictures […]

New Mexico is Not Just a Desert

The option to go explore the beautiful sceneries of New Mexico is one of the cherished aspects of coming to Starry Night Retreat. Away from the city’s hustle & bustle, the whooshes from cars driving past you transform into the whooshes of the wind. The only skyscrapers are the dominating hills of the region, & the geographic views of nature provide […]

How to Choose The Right Residency For You

So, you’re thinking about doing a residency? How do you even choose between them all? How do you decide if it’s really right for you?

Sunset Walk in Truth or Consequences

Hello all! I wanted to post some pictures of a sunset from Truth or Consequences- home of Starry Night Retreat- because, well, every day deserves a little beauty. Enjoy.