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How to Break Free of “Creators Block” with a Residency

Ever get writers block? Creators block? We have inspiration! Starry Night Residency Program has a lot to offer those who seek a unique experience to encourage their creativity.  Reflection The quiet days in the desert can offer a tremendous relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can provide you with time to reflect on your surroundings. In […]

Using Nature as Inspiration

In order for growth, every creature needs to be in the right habitat! So, what more can an artist ask for than a daily dose of the sunrises and sunsets in the beautiful city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico? Every day is a new sky, a new splattering of nature’s paint against the atmosphere. We can’t resist taking pictures […]

New Mexico is Not Just a Desert

The option to go explore the beautiful sceneries of New Mexico is one of the cherished aspects of coming to Starry Night Retreat. Away from the city’s hustle & bustle, the whooshes from cars driving past you transform into the whooshes of the wind. The only skyscrapers are the dominating hills of the region, & the geographic views of nature provide […]