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Deadline Extension for Frieze Week NYC

We’ve extended our Exposure application deadline to come to New York during Frieze week to April 10th at Midnight The Exposure program has partnered with SELECT Fair to curate our fifth exhibition and we are excited to return to New York May 13th – 17th. We invite all to join us and encourage visual artists to apply! Will you be […]

How I Paved a New Path (episode 5)

This is part one of a five-part series I’m writing about how I went from emerging artist and Director of a Residency Program, to hosting exhibitions at large art fairs like Art Basel Miami and Frieze New York. Sounds like a success story, but the sea wasn’t always smooth-sailing. Want to get them all delivered to your inbox? Sign up at […]

Would Success Taste The Same If It Were Easy?

Have you ever seen a slideshow displaying the memorable moments of someone else’s life? Have you ever wanted to be the person in those photos? I have, and I chuckled to myself. Imagine if life were just that easy… If all that we wanted was just handed to us on a gold platter and displayed neatly in a slideshow. Imagine how immensely […]

A Pool of Perspectives II

In continuation with the previous blog, here are more perspective pieces of our exposure artists: 8. Anastas Konstantinov The unexpected resemblance of Picasso’s distorted faces, mixed with Salvador Dali’s elephants is what gives this piece its personality. Abstract as it is, it’s a style that one can’t just walk past without turning his/her head! 9. Marjan Moghaddam Adding to the pool of […]

Frieze Art Fair: the City of Dreams

“Frieze descends on New York and makes the city not just the center of the global art world, but its entire circumference.” Here’s a little clip to help you envision what’s to come:   Ever accidentally walk into a spider web and let out an involuntary shriek? Well, here’s an opportunity for you to voluntarily walk into an artist web […]

The Art of Awe: Frieze New York

Art fairs… Why bother? On the surface, art fairs are places where people can go to look at art and to buy art. Sounds boring, but really, they are so much more than that. Art fairs are places where artists can present their work to large audiences in order to gain exposure and sell their work. They’re places where people […]

Exposure NYC Application Deadline Approaching

Frieze week in New York is only a few months away, which means that the deadline for Exposure NYC is also coming up fast.  March 1st to be exact. And, why should you care? This is a huge opportunity for all emerging artists. Some reasons to consider applying for the program- you will: Receive end to end exhibition and portfolio presentation […]

Artist Interview: Jess Rees Seeks Space at Starry Night Retreat (Part III)

In this interview, Jess Rees- an artist who came to Starry Night Retreat this fall- talks about her creative vision and her experience in Truth or Consequences. This is the last part (Part III) of her interview with Feral Wilcox (You can read Part I here, and Part II here, in case you missed them!). Space Seeker: Jess Rees (Part III) […]