Daily Archives: July 14, 2015


Interview with Michael Spivack

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Spivack, musician and audio engineer, in his studio. We touched on topics including, his background in music, his creative process, genres that inspire him, and the album he created for artists, Music for Painters. He also dives into his personal philosophies on meditation as it relates to music, and shares his […]


Interview with Ehren Clodfelter

We got a chance to chat with Brooklyn based artist and former Artist In Residence, Ehren Clodfelter, over a glass of wine. We talked about what it means to be a “real” artist, what type of work he creates, the relationship between art and self, and why, no matter what new ideas pop up, he keeps going back to the […]


Interview with Jonah Levy

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with art administrator and all around project manager, Jonah Levy. Jonah gave us his insight into what all he handles in the various roles he plays as an avid supporter of the arts and of artists. He also shared some of his past and present projects, including “Everyhere Logistics,” a current pop up […]